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When time
and speed matter most

When time</br>and speed matter most Beeontrade

Mix the advantage of modern air cargo services with the technology of our booking platform and instantly compare air freight quotes from 75+ carriers with the perfect balance of price and transit time.

Air Freight Services | Beeontrade

Origin Airport

Destination Airport

Instant capacity

You’ll get consistent, premium, best-in-class service with daily uplift schedules to meet any transit time requirement from Express to Deferred.

One stop for success

With Beeontrade’s technology platform and data integrations, you get real-time visibility, from shipper pickup to final mile delivery.

Freight at full speed

Our proprietary technology optimizes for the best routing, pricing, and delivery timelines, supporting the full order-to-cash cycle.

Get instant access to multiple quotes

Beeontrade instantly analyzes your freight’s origin and destination, then produces rates for all possible routes and carriers. Compare the rates in clearly arranged metrics. Determine the best option quickly and efficiently.

Reduce Your Workload

Mke instant reservations. Save time without the need for e-mail and phone traffic.

First-Class Service

Get the time and first quality service you need for all kinds of direct or indirect shipments.

Manage All Process Online

With the technology-based platform, book without waiting and gain full control with 24/7 real-time live shipment tracking.

Reach International Standards

For air cargo transportation, send your products safely in IATA (International Air Transport Association) standards.

First by ship, then onward by air
Grow Your Brand Globally

First by ship, then onward by air

The long sea voyage from Asia to Europe gives you the lowest cost transport – but it doesn’t give you speed. Use our combined service.

Reach More Customers

Respond quickly to increasing customer demands, especially with online orders, thanks to the short transit times of air transport.

Deliver Your Cargo on Time

Streamline your budget with standard or deferred airline service for more time-flexible shipments.

Select Flexible Model For Your Product Type

Use the safest shipping methods for perishable cargo transportation and dangerous goods transportation.

Minimize Risks of Loss of Income

Shorten lost transit times and avoid lost revenue due to delayed production.


Automate Time-consuming Processes

With total digitization of all your documents, you can track everything, anywhere, all the time to keep you and your team in lock step.

Our Responsibility is at SKU Level

We collaborate with your team at every stage of the supply chain, from the individual SKU.

We Combine Technology with Experience

We bring you together with the best carriers using live data to determine the best routes and timetables for air transport.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Deliver your products safely to your customers' doorstep with our wide national and international transportation network.

Track and Trace

Track your cargo on every step of its journey – because Beeontrade is built on transparency between you, your business partners and us.



You do not have an office in my location. Can I still use Beeontrade's services?

Certainly. Beeontrade provides end-to-end service on a global scale. In regions where we do not have an office, we have strategic partnerships to provide our customers with best-in-class local operations.

Does Beeontrade have a global network?

Beeontrade's global network includes storage, Container Freight Station (CFS) locations and partners around the world. We serve in more than 116 countries around the world.

Does Beeontrade keep all documents related to my air shipments?

At Beeontrade, we upload and digitize each of your business documents on our platform to make your documents searchable. We also structure this data so that our customers can easily generate reports from all available supply chain data, down to PO and SKU level.

Does Beeontrade offer real-time tracking of my air shipments?

Our online platform allows our customers to manage and track all their international and domestic cargo shipments from a single online panel.


"We never thought we'd come this far in the last 2 years."

Çağdaş Denel



18% net profit increase at the end of the first year


180 hours of operational time savings per week


400% growth in e-commerce marketplace sales


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