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Customs Procedures Just Got Easier

Say goodbye to complex customs and turn to our global network of experts for immediate solutions
Customs Procedures Just Got Easier
Trade Consultancy

Trade Consultancy

Expert consultancy of the highest standards to expand your business globally to new potential markets.

Reduce Your Tariff Costs

Reduce Your Tariff Costs

Save your budget during customs clearance using our affordable freight, taxes, and inventory facilities.

Compare Transparent Quotes

Compare Transparent Quotes

Real-time import tax estimates to make budget predictable during customs clearance from Turkey to the USA.

Expertise And Tech-Based Foreign Trade Transactions

Customs procedures and transactions turn streamlined and digital with our unique cloud-based platform.

Manage Logistics From A Single Screen

View import and customs brokers in real-time and reach out quickly with our centralized platform.

International Trade Consulting

Master the complexities of foreign trade with our 24/7 support and training from experienced professionals.

Optimum Classification For Products

Harmonized System (HS) code to calculate high prices and manage taxation processes after identifying products accurately.

Reduce Shipping Costs

Save unit costs and additional effort in the supply chain using our platform’s accurate product classifications.

Customs Clearance for Every Shipment
Optimize Your Customs Processing

Customs Clearance for Every Shipment

Arrange your products as per their accurate origin and destination to get effective customs clearance.

Edit Documents Seamlessly

Organize your documents however you prefer and access critical ones instantly with the tap of a button.

Eliminate Unexpected Costs

Access instant notifications for potential risks, fees, and customs delays for every shipment and transaction.

Create Error-Free Documentation

Eliminate errors during documentation and international shipping by identifying accurate data on key documents.

Avoid Delays

Communicate instantly with your customs broker throughout the process to avoid delays and excess charges.

Practical Trade Management

Secure Your Customs

Explore new markets and consult our foreign trade experts to expand your business network with the best strategies.

Follow Modern Trends

Minimize losses and follow trends seamlessly with real-time information regarding inspection, waiting, and delays.

Instant Access To Country-Wise Tax Information

Our comprehensive database will connect you to the country-wise information you need with just one click.

Make Strategic Decisions At Key Junctions

Experience enhanced customer satisfaction through hassle-free customs and strategic decisions at the right junctions.

Practical Trade Management


Can Beeontrade be my customs consultant without a freight carrier?

Yes, Beeontrade offers customs advice as an independent service. Our customs consultants work with your shipper, carrier, or any supply chain partners. Our team’s single-minded focus is to clear your goods through customs.

What pricing does Beeontrade have for customs consultancy services?

Beeontrade charges a flat fee for each customs entry to minimize the additional costs that make logistics difficult.

Why is digitizing your supply chain valuable?

Supply chains are often operational black boxes where costs and outcomes are rather unpredictable. Beeontrade structures your product-level data and provides end-to-end visibility and control, making it your only source. You get timely business analytics for better decision-making and feedback loops.

What are HTS codes? How do I know if I have assigned the correct HTS code to my product?

HTS codes are codes that the US and most customs officials use to determine costs and acceptability. Many products are difficult to classify correctly or may be placed in a different category with minor changes. Misclassification can result in major delays and possible penalties. Beeontrade customs consultants and technology minimize errors to achieve better results.


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400% growth in e-commerce marketplace sales


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