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Find flexible freight options for your next shipment.

Find flexible freight options for your next shipment. Beeontrade

Book ocean freight shipping services easily with Beeontrade. Our platform offers you instant quotes, full price transparency and round-the-clock sea freight tracking.

Ocean Freight Services | Beeontrade

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Destination Seaport

Search, compare, and book

Ocean freight shipping quotes in a matter of seconds and get a detailed breakdown of the final price.

Real-time Shipment Visibility

Beeontrade’s network of GPS-tracked vessels and third-party data, you get greater end-to-end visibility.

Track your sea freight 24/7

Keep track of all your bookings on one single view and get notified immediately of any changes in shipment status.

No matter what you're shipping

We offer ocean freight shipping services that cover the entire container freight transportation process including:

Pick up and delivery

Get your final drayage price upfront at booking – all-in and no unforeseen charges.

Ocean freight transportation

Beeontrade has direct contracts across all major alliances, ensuring your cargo sails on the schedules.

Customs clearance

Beeontrade stay ahead of the game by filing ISFs for you and managing any exceptions with built-in escalation plans.

Warehousing and Distribution

A distributed network of certified warehouses makes it easy to position your products closer to your customers for 1-2 day shipping speeds.

Ocean shipping,exactly as you need it
Cargo categories

Ocean shipping,exactly as you need it

Find a shipping solution for any cargo you want on the platform with ocean container transportation, wherever you want!

Dry cargo

Dry cargo commodities - be it retail, auto or electronics parts, paper, and much more - are what we ship most of.

Refrigerated cargo

Reliable, safe passage via an unbroken cold chain is essential to ensure that your goods arrive in the exact condition intended.

Special Cargo

At Beeontrade, we recognise that handling special or dangerous cargo is different from traditional container shipping.

Ocean LCL freight

Plan your shipments better with reliable weekly direct LCL sailings and from major world-wide point-pairs.


Experience A Seamless Supply Chain With A Modern Technology Platform

With our easy to use yet powerful dashboard, you can manage, track and optimize your supply chain.


Find departure and arrival times, manage notifications, documents, invoices, and more.


Analyze your supply chain with easy-to-use reporting tools and optimize your supply chain.


Upload or download customs documents, waybills, invoices and more without the hassle.


Save time by paying invoices without any need of calls or emails



You do not have an office in my location. Can I still use Beeontrade's services?

Certainly. Beeontrade provides end-to-end service on a global scale. In regions where we do not have an office, we have strategic partnerships to provide our customers with best-in-class local operations.

Does Beeontrade have a global network?

Beeontrade's global network includes storage, Container Freight Station (CFS) locations and partners around the world. We serve in more than 116 countries around the world.

Does Beeontrade offer real-time tracking of my ocean shipments?

Our online platform allows our customers to manage and track all their international and domestic cargo shipments through a single online panel. Beeontrade receives data through its integrations with third-party providers to generate real-time vessel location and milestone updates throughout the shipment lifecycle.

Does Beeontrade keep all documents related to my ocean shipments?

At Beeontrade, we upload and digitize each of your business documents on our platform to make your documents searchable. We also structure this data so that our customers can easily generate reports from all available supply chain data, down to PO and SKU level.


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