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End-to-End Solution for LCL

End-to-End Solution for LCL Beeontrade

When you choose LCL, you choose efficiencies that go well beyond a single shipment. LCL means sharing not only space in a single container, it means sharing an entire network—and that creates efficiencies for resources and for the environment.

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Origin Seaport

Destination Seaport

Speed to market

LCL enables customers to ship small orders at a lower cost than air freight, improving speed to market

LCL express for Amazon FBA

No matter what size the job is, we guarantee to meet FBA requirements 100% of the time.

Reliable lead times

Plan your shipments better with reliable weekly direct LCL sailings and from major world-wide point-pairs.

Do more with Beeontrade LCL solutions.

Enjoy access to over 10,000 trade corridors across the world using our global LCL network services.

Buyer’s Consolidation

Available on 300+ lanes globally, buyers consol can streamline the process even further.

Find Out LCL Cost

Make an instant cost breakdown of all the costs of your partial cargo shipments from the door to door.

You Don't Need Experience

Let our expert logistics team make every step of the partial shipping process easy for you.

Your FBA Inventory Is Ready

From repackaging to labeling, make your inventory FBA eligible with Beeontrade!

Only Pay For The Space You Use
Fast, Safe and Low Cost LCL Solutions

Only Pay For The Space You Use

Don’t wait to fill a full container. Save time and money now. Only pay for the space you need and never lose track of your cargo.

Expand Your Business

Use Beeontrade's strategically located distribution network in every US state.

Plan Delivery Times

Access weekly direct LCL schedules worldwide. Avoid delays with proper planning.

Instantly Respond to Customer Requests

Quickly determine the most suitable shipping type for your orders on the platform.

Low Cost LCL Solutions

Consolidated shipments managed by Beeontrade are rarely subject to demurrage, detention, additional chassis days.


Optimize Your Business with Smart LCL Management

Carry out your partial cargo orders automatically on the platform in port-to-port and door-to-door shipment processes.

Save Time in Market Competition

Get one step ahead of your competitors by delivering the product you want to any point in the world quickly and safely.

Find the Best Shipping Method

Find the best route and shipping method that meets the conditions you need on the platform.

Get Support From Our LCL Experts

Get support from our LCL team when sending any product you want to any point you want.

Find the Best Price

Choose the most suitable one among the transparent price offers.



You do not have an office in my location. Can I still use Beeontrade's services?

Certainly. Beeontrade provides end-to-end service on a global scale. In regions where we do not have an office, we have strategic partnerships to provide our customers with best-in-class local operations.

Does Beeontrade have a global network?

Beeontrade's global network includes storage, Container Freight Station (CFS) locations and partners around the world. We serve in more than 116 countries around the world.

Should I use LCL shipment or FCL shipment?

Should you wait to ship a Full Container Load (FCL) or ship Less than a Container Load (LCL) now? FCL can be faster and more cost effective if you have enough load. However, LCL may be more reliable when shipping space is unusually tight.


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18% net profit increase at the end of the first year


180 hours of operational time savings per week


400% growth in e-commerce marketplace sales


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