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Binding Origin Information


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What is Binding Origin Data (BOI)?

Binding Origin Data, often referred to as BOI, is a significant concept in the European Union related to determining the country of origin of goods.

How does BOI work?

BOI enables you to request a decision on the country of origin of your goods from a specific EU Member State.

What is the EU-wide scheme called?

The EU-wide scheme is officially called BOI.

How can I use BOI?

Using this approach, you can ask each EU Member State for their opinion on the country of origin of your items.

What is the legal status of BOI judgments?

These judgments have legal force throughout the EU.

Is obtaining a BOI mandatory?

You do not need to obtain a BOI. However, you can use the BOI system if you want the provenance of your items to be clarified.

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