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Blank Sailing


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What is Blank Sailing?

A sailing that has been canceled by the carrier is known as a blank sailing (void sailing). It can involve skipping one port or canceling the entire string.

What is a String in Shipping?

A string is a collection of weekly ports that a carrier serves. For example, a string might include ports like Los Angeles, Oakland, Shanghai, and Ningbo. It follows a specific schedule with designated departure days for each port.

What Causes Blank Sailings?

  • Low demand for ship capacity, especially after major holidays like Golden Week and Chinese New Year.
  • Carrier decisions to alter the weekly string count, such as reducing the number of sailings during transitions or creating new ocean partnerships.

How Do Blank Sailings Impact Shipments?

If your cargo was scheduled for a canceled sailing, it will be moved to the next available sailing. Your Beeontrade team will adjust your shipment schedule and keep you updated through the app.

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