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Blind Shipment


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What is a blind shipment?

A blind shipment refers to a situation where the shipper is unknown to the consignee.

Why do distributors request blind shipments?

Distributors may request blind shipments to avoid using additional distribution channels.

What is the purpose of a blind shipment for distributors?

Distributors use blind shipments to make it harder for the consignee to determine if a product came from a third-party merchant.

How is the seller's information handled in a blind shipment?

In a blind shipment, the seller's information is substituted for the third-party vendor's information on the shipping label.

What does it mean for the consumer in a blind shipment?

As a result of this substitution, the consumer is "blind" to the order's fulfillment provider.

Are there instances of double-blind shipments?

Yes, there are instances of double-blind shipments, where neither the shipper nor the consignee is aware of the destination of the item.

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