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Bobtail Fee


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Understanding Bobtail Fee in Shipping

What is a Bobtail Fee?

A bobtail fee, also referred to as a drop fee, is a term used in shipping logistics. It relates to the delivery and retrieval of Full Container Load (FCL) containers.

When is a Bobtail Fee Incurred?

Truckers incur a bobtail fee when they opt for a specific method of container handling instead of a live unload. This fee applies when delivering an FCL container to a warehouse and subsequently picking it up after it has been loaded.

What Does "Bobtail" Mean?

The term "bobtail" in this context refers to a truck, often called a tractor, that is not towing a trailer. It represents the state of a truck when it is not carrying a load.

Is a Bobtail Fee Different from a Drop Fee?

No, a bobtail fee and a drop fee are essentially the same thing. They are interchangeable terms used to describe the additional charge incurred for handling FCL containers in a specific manner.

How is a Bobtail Fee Displayed on Invoices?

If a bobtail fee is applicable to your shipment, you will find it listed as a destination charge on your Beeontrade invoice.

Key Points to Remember about Bobtail Fees

  • Bobtail fees are incurred when delivering and retrieving FCL containers.
  • A bobtail refers to a truck without a trailer.
  • "Bobtail fee" and "drop fee" are synonymous.
  • These fees are typically listed as destination charges on invoices.

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