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BTI | Binding Tariff Information


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What does BTI stand for?

 BTI stands for Binding Tariff Information.

 What is a BTI determination?

A BTI determination is a formal tariff categorization of your products provided by the EU's Taxation and Customs Union.

Duration and Validity of BTI

 How long does a BTI typically last?

A BTI typically lasts for three years.

Is a BTI valid for any legal entity?

 No, a BTI is valid solely for the legal entity for which it was granted.

Legal Binding of BTI

 Is a BTI legally binding?

Yes, a BTI is legally binding on all EU Customs administrations.

Importance of Harmonized Tariff Code

Why is the Harmonized tariff code important?

 The Harmonized tariff code ensures that your products have the appropriate tariff or commodity code.

Ensuring Correct Tariff Application

Why is it important to apply the correct tariff?

Different tariffs apply to different categories, so applying the right tariff is crucial.

Additional Benefits of BTI

Besides categorization, what other benefits do BTIs offer?

BTIs can also offer advice on how to categorize related objects.


In summary, what is a BTI determination?

A BTI determination is a legally binding formal tariff categorization of goods provided by the EU's Taxation and Customs Union, valid for three years and specific to the legal entity it was granted to. It ensures the correct Harmonized tariff code is applied and may provide advice on categorizing related objects.

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