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Cargo Ready Date (CRD)


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What is the Cargo-Ready Date (CRD)?

The cargo-ready date is the day when cargo is expected to be available for shipment.

Why is the Cargo-Ready Date important when requesting a quote from Beeontrade?

When requesting a quote from Beeontrade, it's crucial to provide the cargo readiness date.

Where can the Cargo-Ready Date be defined?

The cargo readiness date can be specified as the day when cargo is expected to be accessible at the supplier or another designated location (e.g., warehouse, airport terminal, or container yard).

How is the Cargo-Ready Date managed for shipments?

Beeontrade updates their app with any changes to the cargo readiness date and adjusts the shipment schedule accordingly.

What may be required if there are changes to the Cargo-Ready Date?

In some cases, it might be necessary to requote the shipment.

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