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What is a freight carrier?

A freight carrier is responsible for transporting cargo from one location to another.

Types of Freight Carriers

1. VOCC (Vessel Operating Common Carrier) vs. NVOCC

There are two main types of carriers: VOCC and NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier).

2. Role of VOCC in Freight Transportation

VOCCs, or Vessel Operating Common Carriers, own and manage ocean vessels.

3. Ocean Carriers

Ocean carriers are a subset of VOCCs that specialize in sea-based cargo transportation.

4. NVOCC's Role in Cargo Transit

NVOCCs, such as Beeontrade, facilitate the arrangement for cargo transit with ocean carriers.

Key Differences

5. Differences between VOCCs and NVOCCs

VOCCs own and manage ocean vessels, while NVOCCs do not own vessels but arrange cargo transit with carriers.

Industry Benefits

6. How the Freight Industry Benefits

These distinctions help streamline cargo transportation and logistics by dividing responsibilities between different types of carriers.

Choosing the Right Carrier

7. Selecting the Right Carrier Type

Businesses need to consider factors such as the nature of their cargo and shipping requirements when selecting between VOCCs and NVOCCs.

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