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CFS (Container Freight Station) Cut-Off


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Understanding CFS Cut-off for LCL Shipments

What is a CFS Cut-off?

The **CFS cut-off** refers to the deadline for checking in an LCL (Less than Container Load) shipment at a CFS (Container Freight Station) to ensure it makes its planned sailing.

How is the CFS Cut-off Determined?

The deadline is typically set five days before the scheduled sailing, though individual CFSs may have variations in their deadlines.

What Happens at the CFS?

Before being loaded onto the vessel, LCL shipments undergo consolidation into a container at a **CFS**.

What if the CFS Cut-off is Missed?

If an LCL shipment is not delivered to the CFS by the cut-off date, it will not make its scheduled sailing.

Are There Different Deadlines for Each CFS?

Yes, each **CFS** sets its own specific cut-off date, so it's crucial to be aware of the particular deadline for the chosen station.

Any Additional Requirements for LCL Shipments?

  • Consolidated LCL shipments must be delivered to the CY (Container Yard) before the CY cut-off date.

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