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CFS (Container Freight Station) Fee


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Understanding CFS Fees in LCL Cargo Shipping

What is the role of a Container Freight Station (CFS) in LCL cargo shipping?

What does a Container Freight Station (CFS) do in LCL cargo shipping?

Where does the consolidation and deconsolidation of LCL cargo occur?

How is LCL cargo transported from a CFS to its destination?

What are CFS Fees in LCL Cargo Shipping?

What do CFS fees entail in LCL cargo shipping?

How is the cost of deconsolidation at a CFS determined?

When do you encounter a Container Freight Station cost under Origin Charges in LCL shipping?

Origin Charges and CFS Services

How is the CFS service cost covered when LCL cargo is consolidated at the origin?

What are incoterms, and how do they relate to CFS fees in LCL shipping?

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