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Understanding Chassis Fees in Shipping

What is a Chassis Fee?

A chassis fee is a cost associated with transporting cargo in shipping containers. It is relevant when your shipment is carried by a vehicle, such as a truck, after arriving at an ocean port.

How is the Chassis Fee Calculated for FCL Shipments?

  • The chassis fee for FCL (Full Container Load) shipments varies by trucker.
  • It is a fixed cost that is determined based on the specific trucking company you choose.

What Determines the Chassis Fee for LCL Shipments?

  • The chassis fee for LCL (Less than Container Load) shipments is determined by the volume of your cargo.
  • The more space your cargo occupies, the higher the chassis fee will be.

What is a Tri-Axle Chassis Fee?

A tri-axle chassis fee comes into play when an FCL package exceeds weight limits.

When is a Tri-Axle Chassis Fee Charged?

  • A tri-axle chassis fee is typically charged when a 20' container weighs more than 36,000 pounds.
  • For 40' containers, the weight threshold is usually more than 44,000 pounds.

Chassis Fee vs. Tri-Axle Chassis Fee

If a tri-axle chassis is required due to excess weight, you may be billed for both a standard chassis fee and a tri-axle chassis fee.

How Chassis Fees Appear on Your Quote or Invoice

Chassis fees or tri-axle chassis fees, if applicable, will be listed as destination charges on your Beeontrade quote or invoice.


Understanding chassis fees is crucial for anyone involved in shipping cargo to ensure accurate cost estimation and smooth logistics. These fees can vary based on shipment type, weight, and the trucking company you choose.

For more details on your specific shipment and associated fees, consult your Beeontrade quote or invoice.

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