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Chassis Pool


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Understanding Chassis Pools

What is a Chassis Pool?

An area where chassis are kept and made available for rental is known as a **chassis pool**.

Types of Chassis Pools

1. Neutral Chassis Pool

What characterizes a neutral chassis pool?

  • A neutral chassis pool is a collection of **privately owned chassis**.
  • Who can utilize a neutral chassis pool?
  • Truckers and ocean carriers can use these chassis.

2. Co-op Chassis Pool

How do ocean carriers manage costs in a co-op chassis pool?

  • To cut costs, ocean carriers pool their **owned chassis** into a co-op chassis pool.

Challenges with Chassis Pools

What additional cost consideration may arise in certain situations?

  • If the chassis pool is located somewhere other than where the containers are picked up, there may be a **chassis split cost**.

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