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Clear Air Action Plan and Clean Truck Tax

What is the Clear Air Action Plan?

The Clear Air Action Plan aims to reduce air pollution in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

How does the Clear Air Action Plan reduce air pollution?

It imposes a clean truck tax on trucking firms.

What is the purpose of the clean truck tax?

The clean truck tax is intended to lessen air pollution in the area.

How is the clean truck tax implemented?

The tax may appear as a distinct line item in invoices, and sometimes it's included in the Pickup & Delivery charge.

Where can I expect to see the Clean Truck Fee?

The Clean Truck Fee will be visible as a destination charge on Beeontrade quotes and invoices.

What is Beeontrade's role in the Clean Truck Fee?

Beeontrade includes the Clean Truck Fee in their quotes and invoices when applicable.

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