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Understanding Container Pickup and Last Free Day (LFD)

What happens if the container is moved within the yard?

If the container is moved internally within the yard, the Last Free Day (LFD) clock for pickup is halted until the container is no longer in a closed area.

How is the Last Free Day (LFD) affected by closed area designation removal?

If the closed area designation is removed from where the container is stored, the LFD clock for pickup is also halted until the container is no longer in a closed area.

What determines the duration of the Last Free Day (LFD) extension?

The terminal and the amount of time spent in the closed area will determine how long your LFD will be prolonged.

Can a truck driver reclaim a container in a closed location?

No, a truck driver cannot reclaim a container that is in a closed location.

What defines a closed area in the yard?

Any portion of the yard restricted from container pickup by outside operators by the terminal is referred to as a closed area.

How long can closed areas last, and when are they more likely to occur?

Closed areas can linger for a few hours or a few days and are more likely to happen during periods of terminal congestion.

What options are available if a container is in a closed area?

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to change the situation; you will just have to wait.

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