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Commercial Invoice


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What is a business invoice, and what does it entail?

A business invoice serves as a customs declaration form, providing details on the price and quantity of the shipped goods.

Components of a Commercial Invoice

Country of Origin: Must specify where the products were manufactured.

Manufacturer or Supplier Information: Includes full name and address.

Company Information: Full details of the company involved.

Purchaser Details: If different from the importer, provide details of the individual or business buying the goods.

Shipping Recipient: Full name and address of the person or business receiving the items.

Product Information: Includes units for each product in the quantity.

Pricing Details: Specify each product's unit price in both US dollars and the supplier's currency.

Importance of Assigning Value

A stated value of $0 is unacceptable for customs. Every imported good must have a declared value, even if the products are received for free.

Advice on Declared Value

It's advised to declare the fair market worth of the product. This applies even if the products are received for free.

Comprehensive Product Description

Explanation of the product, its functionality, and materials used. Emphasizes that an SKU is not a sufficient product description.

Dual Currency Declaration

The unit price of each product should be in both US dollars and the supplier's currency. This dual declaration aids in customs and financial clarity.

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