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Continuous Customs Bond


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What is the purpose of a Customs Bond?

A customs bond serves as insurance for the U.S. Treasury if an importer defaults on their obligation to pay the tariffs, taxes, fines, or other costs associated with their imports.

Who provides Customs Bonds and what type is required by Beeontrade?

Customs bonds are obtained from surety companies that hold government licenses. Beeontrade requires shippers to employ a continuous customs bond.

What does a Continuous Customs Bond cover?

A continuous customs bond protects all shipments imported for a full year after it is issued. Importers must ship under a continuous customs bond, as per Beeontrade's requirements.

Does the Continuous Customs Bond cover the cost of customs clearance?

No, the cost of customs clearance is not covered by the continuous customs bond. Each shipment will be subject to a separate customs clearance cost.

What are the different varieties of Customs Bonds?

  • A single entry bond with a single input and use.
  • A continuous entry bond that protects all import cargoes for a year from the date of issuance.

Can multiple customs brokers be used under a Continuous Entry Bond?

Yes, if an importer uses several customs brokers in different U.S. markets, they may all employ a continuous entry bond.

How can one obtain a Perpetual Customs Bond?

To get a perpetual customs bond, interested parties can contact us. We offer ongoing customs bonds at a price lower than other brokers. However, it's essential to note that the ongoing customs bond does not cover the cost of clearing customs.

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