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Understanding Demurrage Fees and Prevention

What is Demurrage and its Costs?

 What is demurrage?

Demurrage is a fee charged when cargo remains at the port beyond the Last Free Day.

How much is the demurrage fee?

Demurrage fees vary by port and terminal but generally range from $75 to $200 per container per day.

 Do demurrage fees increase over time?

Yes, some terminals increase the daily fee after a certain number of days.

How to Prevent Demurrage

How can I prevent demurrage charges?

Stay in contact with the Beeontrade team for updates on potential delays.

What actions can be taken to avoid demurrage?

Beeontrade may suggest options like a pre-pull, where containers are moved to a lower-cost storage yard if the warehouse cannot accept them in time.

Beeontrade's Role in Demurrage Prevention

How does Beeontrade help in preventing demurrage?

Beeontrade informs customers about possible delays and discusses preventive measures.

Additional Notes

 Are demurrage fees separate from per diem or detention fees?

 Yes, demurrage fees are in addition to per diem or detention fees.


 In summary, what should I remember about demurrage fees?

Demurrage fees are charged for cargo left at the port after the Last Free Day, and they can vary but generally range from $75 to $200 per container per day. Staying in contact with Beeontrade can help prevent these fees.

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