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Understanding Container Detention Fees

What is Container Detention?

Container detention is commonly referred to as per diem.

What is the Purpose of Container Detention Fees?

Container detention fees are assessed for each additional day a container is kept outside of a port.

How Does Container Detention Work?

Container detention fees are typically calculated based on the number of days a container remains outside the port.

Who Is Responsible for Paying Container Detention Fees?

Importers, exporters, or other parties involved in container logistics are usually responsible for paying container detention fees.

How Can Container Detention Fees Impact Businesses?

Container detention fees can lead to increased shipping costs and supply chain disruptions, affecting a company's bottom line and customer satisfaction.

How to Manage Container Detention Fees Effectively?

  • Keep track of container detention timeframes.
  • Prioritize timely return of containers to the port.
  • Negotiate favorable detention terms with shipping carriers.


Container detention, also known as per diem, is a fee assessed for each additional day a container is kept outside of a port. It's essential for businesses to understand and manage these fees to optimize their logistics and cost-effectiveness.

Additional Resources

For more information on container detention and logistics management, consider exploring industry-specific websites and consulting with logistics professionals.

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