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Understanding the Devanning Process

What is Devanning?

Devanning is the process of removing goods from a container.

Devanning in Warehouses

Warehouses receive FCL shipments and perform devanning.

Devanning at Container Freight Stations (CFS)

At CFS destinations, LCL shipments are devanned or deconsolidated.

Full Container Load (FCL) Shipment

FCL stands for Full Container Load, where a container is filled with goods from a single shipper.

Less than Container Load (LCL) Shipment

LCL, or Less than Container Load, refers to shipments where multiple shippers' goods are consolidated into a single container.

Devanning Importance

Devanning is crucial for efficiently distributing goods and managing inventory.

Benefits of Devanning

  • Streamlines the distribution process.
  • Facilitates inventory management.
  • Allows for efficient handling of diverse shipments.

Devanning and Container Types

Yes, the type of container (FCL or LCL) determines how goods are devanned.

Devanning FCL Containers

FCL containers are devanned entirely, as they contain goods from a single shipper.

Devanning LCL Containers

LCL containers are deconsolidated, separating goods from multiple shippers.


Devanning is the process of unloading goods from containers, essential for efficient logistics and inventory management.

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