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What is a drop fee in freight shipping?

A drop fee, also known as a bobtail fee, refers to a charge imposed by the driver when delivering a Full Container Load (FCL) to the warehouse and picking it up after loading.

When is a drop fee essential in freight shipping?

A drop fee becomes necessary when goods cannot be swiftly unloaded. This may occur if the cargo is not palletized or cannot be immediately emptied upon arrival at the warehouse.

Why might a drop fee be applied?

The necessity for a drop fee arises when there are delays in unloading, such as non-palletized goods or situations where immediate unloading is not feasible.

How do truckers handle unloading delays before implementing a drop fee?

Initially, truckers often provide customers with a free window of 1-2 hours for unloading cargo. However, if delays persist, a drop fee may be applied.

How does a drop fee appear in the billing process?

If a drop fee is applicable, it will be listed as a destination charge on the Beeontrade invoice.

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