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Understanding Dry Runs in Trucking

What is a dry run in trucking?

A dry run in trucking refers to the situation where a trucker is unable to successfully complete the pickup or delivery of a shipment.

Why do dry runs occur?

Dry runs can occur for various reasons, and understanding them is crucial for effective logistics management. Some common reasons include:

  • Port Overflow: During peak seasons or events like Chinese New Year preparations, ports can become overly crowded. This congestion may prevent truckers from picking up shipments on their initial attempt.
  • Unavailable Cargo: If the cargo is not made available when the trucker arrives for pickup, it results in a dry run. This scenario often leads to additional charges.

How are dry runs charged?

It's essential to be aware that truckers typically charge the full price for an extra trip incurred due to a dry run. While the specific costs of dry runs are not known during quoting, they are usually included in the final bill.

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