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EIN (Employer Identification Number)


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The Role of **EIN** in US Business Identification

What is an EIN and how does the US government use it?

The **EIN**, or Employer Identification Number, serves as a tax ID for businesses with US addresses. It plays a crucial role in the identification of businesses by the US government.

How does Customs utilize EIN for import and export transactions?

Customs uses the **EIN** to link entities to various import or export transactions. This includes Customs bonds, Customs entries, ISF filings, and more.

The Significance of Customs Assigned Importer Number (**CAIN**)

What is a Customs Assigned Importer Number (**CAIN**), and who can obtain it?

A **CAIN** is available to foreign importers, serving various purposes in Customs procedures.

How does the account opening process with Beeontrade relate to **EIN** and **CAIN**?

When opening an account with Beeontrade, they verify your **EIN** by requesting a copy of your IRS Notice. If you don't have an **EIN**, Beeontrade will provide you with a **CAIN**.

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