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ELD (Electronic Logging Device)


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Understanding the ELD Mandate

What is the ELD Mandate?

What is the ELD Mandate and when did it come into effect?

How Does the ELD Mandate Impact Truckers?

How does the ELD Mandate affect truckers?

What are the key changes brought about by the ELD Mandate?

Electronic Recording of Hours

How does the ELD system enable truckers to record their hours electronically?

What were the alternatives to electronic recording before the ELD Mandate?

Effects of the ELD Mandate

Increasing Trucking Rates

How does the ELD Mandate relate to the increase in trucking rates?

Reduced Capacity and Flexibility for Trucks

What impact does the ELD Mandate have on the capacity and flexibility of trucks?

Additional Expenses

What additional expenses are associated with the ELD Mandate?

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