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EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification)


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What is an EORI Number?

The European Union (EU) requires corporate firms involved in international trade to have an EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification) number. This number serves as a crucial identifier in customs procedures when interacting with Customs administrations during imports or exports.

Who Needs an EORI Number?

  • Traders involved in import or export activities within the EU need an EORI number.
  • Businesses exclusively operating within the EU may not require an EORI number.

Application for EORI Numbers

  • Both foreign and domestic entities can apply for an EORI number.
  • Foreign entities using EORI need to employ indirect representation.
  • Limited fiscal representatives exempt foreign entities from needing an EORI.

EORI Number for Each EU Nation?

  • No, each legal entity of a corporation is assigned one EORI number.
  • This single EORI number is used uniformly across all EU member states.

Requesting an EORI Number

  • The request for an EORI number can be initiated on the regional Customs website.
  • Typically, the EU nation of the company's product arrival or the intended export destination requests the EORI number.


Understanding the significance of an EORI number is crucial for smooth international trade operations within the European Union.

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