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EXW (Ex Works)


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Exploring EXW Incoterm in International Trade

What does EXW (Ex Works) Incoterm entail?

In EXW (Ex Works), a seller makes products available for pickup by the buyer at the seller's premises or another specified place.

How does the process of using EXW work?

The buyer is responsible for obtaining export authorization, loading the products at the designated location, and incurring all expenses and risks en route to the destination.

What modes of transportation are applicable with EXW?

All forms of transportation, including LCL (Less than Container Load), FCL, and air, can use EXW.

What must be agreed upon before initiating shipping under EXW?

Before shipping begins, the buyer and seller must come to an understanding over who will bear specific costs and risks.

Key Points about EXW Incoterm:

  • The **seller** provides products at their premises or a specified place.
  • The **buyer** handles export authorization, loading, and bears all expenses and risks during transportation.
  • Applicable to various transportation methods: LCL, FCL, and air.
  • Prior agreement between buyer and seller on cost and risk distribution is essential.

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