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FDA (Food and Drug Administration)


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What is the role of the FDA in the US?

The FDA is responsible for regulating various products for the safety and effectiveness of the US public. What types of products does it regulate?

How does the FDA handle imported goods?

How does the FDA treat imported goods compared to domestic ones?
What authority does the FDA have regarding the entrance of imported goods?

What is an FDA hold, and why is it placed on shipments?

What triggers the placement of an FDA hold on a shipment?
What actions can the FDA take after placing a hold on a shipment?

What types of goods can be halted due to an FDA hold?

Which categories of products are subject to FDA regulation and could potentially be blocked due to an FDA hold?

Why do importers often work with customs brokers in FDA procedures?

What role do customs brokers play in helping importers with FDA procedures?

Can you provide examples of products regulated by the FDA?

What are some specific examples of products falling under FDA regulation?
Can you list the categories of FDA-regulated products?

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