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Fuel Surcharge (FSC)


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Understanding Fuel Surcharges in Carrier Services

What is a Fuel Surcharge (FSC)?

A fuel surcharge, abbreviated as FSC, is a charge imposed by carriers to address regional or seasonal fluctuations in fuel prices.

Where is a Fuel Surcharge Typically Applied?

The primary application of a fuel surcharge is in the trucking industry, but it can also be used by ocean or air carriers.

Why is a Fuel Surcharge Implemented?

A fuel surcharge is implemented to protect carriers from the unpredictable variations in gasoline costs.

How Does the Fuel Surcharge Appear on Invoices?

If applicable, a fuel surcharge will appear as a destination charge on your Beeontrade quote or invoice. It may be included in the Pickup & Delivery rate or shown as a separate line item.

How is the Amount of a Fuel Surcharge Determined?

Typically, an additional fee for trucking fuel is assessed as a percentage of the base fee for trucking, and an air-fuel surcharge is determined based on the chargeable weight.

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