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General Order (GO) in Cargo Management

What is a General Order (GO) in the context of cargo brought into the United States?

A General Order (GO) is the designation given to cargo brought into the United States that lacks the necessary customs documentation or does not pass through customs promptly.

What happens to cargo covered by General Order (GO) if it lacks customs documentation or doesn't clear customs promptly?

Items covered by GO will be transferred to a General Order warehouse if they are still uncleared after 15 days (a type of bonded warehouse.)

What is a General Order warehouse, and when is cargo transferred to it?

The importer is responsible for covering the costs of transportation and storage. Keep in mind that GO warehouse storage fees are high.

Who is responsible for covering the transportation and storage costs of goods in General Order (GO)?

More than six months under General Order will result in the goods being auctioned off or seized.

How long can cargo remain under General Order (GO) before it faces consequences?

U.S. Customs conducts the auctions, which can be done locally at locations like hotels close to ports or nationally online every month.

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