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HMF (Harbor Maintenance Fee)


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What is the HMF for Imported Goods?

The HMF (Harbor Maintenance Fee) is a customs fee imposed by U.S. Customs on goods imported through American ports.

When is a Shipment Exempt from HMF?

A shipment will not be subject to the HMF if it follows this route: transported by ocean to a Canadian port and then routed through Canada into the United States.

How is the HMF Calculated?

The HMF calculation method:

  • There is no minimum or maximum limit for the fee.
  • The calculation is based on 0.125% of the declared cargo value on the commercial invoice.

How is HMF Displayed on Invoices?

The HMF will appear as a customs fee on your invoice when applicable.

Can I Estimate the HMF for My Shipment?

Since the exact value of your shipment is unknown, the HMF will not be included in your price. However, you have the option to estimate it using the calculations provided.

Important Note:

Both products are subject to duty, and those that are not are subject to the HMF.

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