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Importing Goods: Understanding the Importer of Record

What is the Importer of Record?

The Importer of Record is the entity responsible for managing all entry documentation required by CBP (Customs Border Protection). This includes tasks such as product classification, duty payment, and compliance with various import obligations.

Who Handles Entry Documentation?

The organization or individual designated as the Importer of Record is responsible for handling all entry documentation needed by CBP.

What Tasks Does the Importer of Record Manage?

  • Product Classification: The Importer of Record oversees the correct classification of imported products.
  • Duty Payment: They are in charge of ensuring timely and accurate payment of duties associated with the imported goods.
  • Import Obligations: The Importer of Record ensures compliance with any other import-related obligations.

Additional Paperwork for Foreign Importers of Record

If you are importing goods into the United States as a foreign Importer of Record, be aware that additional paperwork is required.

Importing into the European Union (EU)

For shipments entering the European Union (EU), it's important to note that the importer of record must be established within the EU. This involves creating the necessary documentation and fulfilling specific requirements.

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