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Inside Delivery Fee


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Inside Delivery Fees in Trucking

Why do truckers charge inside delivery fees?

Truckers may charge an **inside delivery fee** under specific circumstances. Let's explore the reasons behind this:

What triggers an inside delivery fee?

Inside delivery fees are typically applied when:

  • The delivery involves the installation of any kind.
  • The trucker needs to enter a location beyond the front door or loading dock.

How is the inside delivery fee determined?

The fee is usually assessed if the trucker must go inside for pick-up or transportation. Here are some insights:

  • If cargo requires installation, an inside delivery fee may be charged.
  • Entering the location to pick up or transport cargo beyond the specified points incurs the fee.

Where does the inside delivery fee appear?

The inside delivery fee is transparently displayed:

  • It is included in the destination charge on your Beeontrade quote or invoice.

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