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International Roadcheck


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The International Roadcheck Program

Every year, inspectors from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Association (CVSA) conduct thorough inspections as part of the largest targeted enforcement program for commercial motor vehicles known as **International Roadcheck**.

What is International Roadcheck?

International Roadcheck is a three-day event where inspectors from CVSA evaluate vehicles for compliance with safety requirements. This program, in operation since 1998, aims to ensure the safety of drivers, cars, and motor carriers.

How Many Inspections Occur?

On average, every minute over the three days, 17 trucks or buses are inspected in Canada, the US, and Mexico. Since 1998, more than 1.5 million roadside inspections have been performed under this program.

What Does the Inspection Process Involve?

The 37-step inspection process includes a thorough evaluation of the truck, along with a review of related paperwork and licensing.

Inspection Outcomes

In 2016, CVSA conducted 62,796 inspections, resulting in 21.5% of cars and 3.4% of drivers being removed from service due to serious infractions, such as concerns with hours of service, falsified records, brake adjustment, and braking system violations.

Impact on Shipments

International Roadcheck can have significant repercussions on shipments, leading to delays and expense increases for various reasons.

Why Does it Cause Delays?

  • **Limited Capacity:** During the Roadcheck week, some carriers and drivers choose not to operate, reducing overall capacity.
  • **Inspection Delays:** Drivers often face long wait times due to inspections, which take about an hour each.
  • **Non-Compliance Issues:** Reduced capacity and delays are caused by non-compliant drivers and removed vehicles.

Understanding the potential delays and challenges during International Roadcheck is crucial for businesses involved in freight transportation.

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