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Understanding Last Free Day in Cargo Shipping

What is the Last Free Day in Cargo Shipping?

The Last Free Day is the final day of a free storage period for cargo pickup without demurrage charges.

Last Free Day for Different Shipping Methods

FCL (Full Container Load) Shipping

For FCL, ocean terminals usually offer 5 business days of free storage, but it varies by terminal.

LCL (Less Than Container Load) Shipping

CFS (Container Freight Station) provides approximately one week of free storage for LCL shipments after unloading and deconsolidation.

Air Shipping

Airlines typically offer 2 to 3 days of complimentary storage.

Train Shipping

Rail ports typically offer 2 days of free storage, including weekends.

Does the Timing of the Last Free Day Matter?

No, your Beeontrade team will arrange cargo pickup during the free storage period, even if it extends beyond the Last Free Day.


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