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Less Than Container Load (LCL)


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What is LCL Shipping?

LCL (less than container load) shipping is a type of ocean transport.

When to Consider Exporting LCL?

Consider exporting LCL if you don't have enough goods to fill an entire container.

Handling of LCL Shipments

  • LCL shipments will be combined into one container with other LCL shipments.
  • Before gating in at the container yard at the origin and deconsolidation at the destination, an LCL shipment will be combined at a CFS (container freight station).

The Role of a CFS in LCL Shipping

A CFS (container freight station) is used to consolidate LCL shipments before they are loaded into containers.

Benefits of LCL Shipping for Businesses with Smaller Loads

  • LCL shipping allows businesses with smaller quantities of goods to share container space, reducing costs.

Advantages of LCL Shipping for Exporters

  • Cost savings for smaller shipments.
  • Access to ocean freight without filling a whole container.

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