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POA (Power of Attorney)


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What is a Customs Power of Attorney (POA)?

A Customs Power of Attorney (POA) is a legal document that grants Beeontrade LLC permission to handle customs business on your behalf.

Why is a Customs POA necessary?

Without a signed POA, Beeontrade cannot clear packages through customs, but it applies only to imports into the United States and the Netherlands.

Who can sign the POA?

An official of the business must sign the POA, but the specific person authorized to sign may vary based on the type of company (corporation, LLC, etc.). It's essential to confirm with a corporate officer if unsure.

When is the POA executed?

The POA is signed when a new employee is onboarded, and a link to sign it must be sent to the corporate officer responsible for onboarding.

Is a witness signature required for EU businesses importing into the US?

Yes, businesses from the EU importing goods into the US will need a witness secondary signature on the POA, and the witness must also be a company officer.

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