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PSS (Peak Season Surcharge)


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Understanding Peak Season Cost (PSS)

What is Peak Season Cost (PSS)?

Peak Season Cost (PSS) is a variable surcharge imposed by carriers.

When is PSS typically imposed?

PSS is most frequently used in the weeks leading up to fall/winter holidays and the Chinese New Year.

Is PSS applicable year-round?

Yes, carriers can apply PSS at any time of the year.

How is PSS presented to customers?

Carriers often publicize PSS as an extra fee on top of the base rate.

Comparison with GRI (General Rate Increase)

How does PSS compare to GRI?

PSS performs comparable duties as GRI, both involve rate increases.

Managing PSS

Can PSS be canceled or reduced?

Yes, PSS may be canceled or mitigated at a lesser charge.

Staying Informed about PSS

How can I stay informed about the relevance of PSS for a specific period?

You can sign up for our weekly Freight Market Updates to get the most recent information on PSS and its expected persistence.


In summary, Peak Season Cost (PSS) is a surcharge imposed during periods of high demand, often before holidays, and it can be canceled or reduced. Stay informed by subscribing to our Freight Market Updates.

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