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Understanding Split Shipments in Air Freight

What is a Split Shipment in Air Freight?

A split shipment occurs when a shipment of goods traveling by air is split up across two or more planes rather than arriving on a single flight.

Why Do Split Shipments Happen in Air Freight?

Precision in Flight Loading

  • Each flight requires a unique load plan.
  • The plan considers cargo weight, positioning, passenger baggage, and more.
  • The goal is to achieve the best flight balance.

Balancing Cargo Types

  • Airlines load a mix of smaller, heavier (dense) cargo and larger, lighter (volumetric) goods.
  • This mixture is essential for safe travel.

When Do Airlines Decide to Split a Shipment?

Large shipments are more likely to cause a split shipment.

What to Expect if Your Shipment is Split?

Your Beeontrade team will keep you informed of any modifications (if any) to the arrival or delivery dates if your shipment is divided.

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