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What is the process of stuffing containers?

  • Definition: Stuffing involves filling containers.
  • Types of Containers: Different containers are used based on location.
    • FCL Container: Suppliers fill an FCL container.
    • LCL Container: At a CFS, an LCL (less than container load) container is filled (Container Freight Station).
  • What happens at the destination?
    • Destuffing: The container is destuffed, also known as devanned.

How is the stuffing process carried out in shipping?

  • Container Types: What are the two main container types used for stuffing?
  • Supplier's Role: What is the role of the supplier in filling containers?
  • CFS Function: What is a Container Freight Station (CFS) and how does it relate to stuffing containers?
  • Destination Process: Explain what happens to the container at its destination.
  • Term Explanation: Define "destuffing" or "devanning."

What is the significance of FCL and LCL containers in stuffing?

  • FCL Container: How is an FCL container used in the stuffing process?
  • LCL Container: What is the purpose of an LCL container, and where is it filled?
  • Container Freight Station (CFS): What role does a CFS play in stuffing containers?
  • Destination Handling: What happens to the container at its destination, and what is the term used for this process?

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