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TARIC (The Integrated Tariff of the European Union)


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Understanding the Combined Nomenclature of the EU

The Combined Nomenclature of the EU is a critical framework for customs and trade regulations in the European Union. It integrates all EU customs tariffs, commercial, and agricultural legislation required to categorize items being imported into or exported from the EU.

What is TARIC and its Connection to the Combined Nomenclature?

TARIC, a multilingual database, is intricately linked to the Combined Nomenclature. It serves as the repository for EU customs regulations and encompasses crucial information for businesses engaged in international trade.

Deciphering the TARIC Code

A TARIC code is a unique identifier for specific goods and commodities. It consists of at least 10 digits, with the first 6 digits being directly derived from the global Harmonized System.

Benefits for Businesses

Understanding the Combined Nomenclature and TARIC codes is paramount for businesses involved in import and export activities. This knowledge simplifies compliance with complex customs and trade regulations, ensuring smoother cross-border transactions.

The Significance of the Harmonized System

The Harmonized System provides a standardized classification system for products worldwide. It forms the foundational basis for the initial 6 digits of TARIC codes.

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