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Trucking Wait Fee


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Understanding Trucking Wait Fees

What are trucking wait fees?

Trucking wait fees are charges incurred when a trucker has to wait beyond a certain allotted free waiting time.

When do trucking wait fees apply?

Trucking wait fees apply when the trucker exceeds the waiting time limits.

How long is the typical waiting time for truckers?

Most truck drivers allow 1-2 hours of waiting time before picking up or unloading a full container.

What triggers the application of trucking wait fees?

Trucking wait fees are triggered when the allotted waiting time is exceeded.

How are trucking wait fees calculated?

Trucking wait fees are calculated at a prorated hourly rate for any time beyond the allotted waiting period.

Why might there be extended waiting times at ports?

Congestion at ports often leads to extended waiting times for cargo retrieval.

Where do trucking wait fees appear in quotes or invoices?

Trucking wait fees, if applicable, are typically listed as a destination charge on your quote or invoice.

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