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Understanding Consignees in Importing

Who is the ultimate consignee in the context of imported goods?

The ultimate consignee refers to the intended buyer of imported goods sold by the shipper.

Can the consignee and final consignee be the same person?

Yes, frequently the consignee is the same person as the final consignee.

What is the requirement for the ultimate consignee if you're a foreign importer into the U.S.?

The ultimate consignee for a foreign importer must be a U.S. company.

How can Amazon be involved as the final consignee for foreign importers?

Amazon can serve as the final consignee if you ship to Amazon U.S. as a foreign importer, even without a U.S. corporation or presence.

What should you use as your company address when shipping to Amazon as the final consignee?

Use your allocated Amazon fulfillment facility as your company address.

What is the significance of identifying the final consignee in the Automated Export System (AES)?

Identifying the final consignee is a requirement in the AES when exporting goods.

What are the four categories of final consignees in the AES?

  • Direct Client: A private organization that won't resell or redistribute the exported good but will consume it.
  • Government Organization: An organization that is controlled or owned by the government.
  • Reseller: A non-governmental organization that performs the functions of a trader, retailer, wholesaler, distributor, or distribution facility.

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