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X-Ray Exam


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What is a Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) or VACIS examination?

An X-ray examination of containers, also known as NII or VACIS.

How is a container selected for X-ray examination by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)?

CBP chooses containers for X-ray inspection.

3. What happens during an X-ray examination of a container?

  • The container is passed through an X-ray machine.
  • Customs officers review the X-ray images.

What are the possible outcomes of an X-ray examination?

  • Release of the container.
  • Elevation to a Tail Gate exam or an Intensive exam.

How long does a radiology examination typically last?

Examination times usually range from one to three days.

Who updates the shipment schedule during the examination process?

Beeontrade operations staff update the shipment schedule.

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