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Importing From Canada Into the U.S


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Importing Products from Canada to the US: Key Steps and Requirements

Why do I need a PAPS number for truck shipments?

If you are importing products from Canada into the US via truck, a Pre-Arrival Processing System (PAPS) number is crucial.

What is the purpose of a PAPS number?

The PAPS number is used to track the shipment and facilitate customs clearance. It serves as a unique identifier assigned by US Customs to truck shipments.

How do I obtain a PAPS number?

Contact the CBP office at the port of entry where your shipment will arrive to obtain the PAPS number.

Additional Documentation for Customs Clearance

In addition to the PAPS number, other documents like a commercial invoice, packing list, and bill of lading may be required for customs clearance.

Steps for Importing by Air vs. Truck

Importing by air or truck involves different procedures. For air shipments, follow normal import procedures. For truck shipments, obtain a PAPS number and complete required documentation.

US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) and Duty-Free Treatment

Under the USMCA, goods made entirely in Canada may qualify for duty-free treatment. Ensure compliance and prove eligibility with a USMCA Certificate of Origin and additional required documents.

How to prove eligibility under USMCA?

Provide a USMCA Certificate of Origin and be prepared to meet additional marking and documentation requirements.

Need assistance or clarification?

Contact CBP at the border or seek guidance from Beeontrade. CBP also has an official publication on the USMCA for reference.

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