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What markings ought to be on my cartons


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Shipping Guidelines by Beeontrade

What Information to Affix to Cartons?

Beeontrade advises having your supplier affix the following information to cartons:

  • Company Name: (Name of your company)
  • Product's SKU: (your product SKU)
  • Nation of Origin: (e.g., China)
  • Net Weight: (weight of the carton, including packaging)
  • Gross Weight: (weight of the products without packaging)
  • Dimensions of the Carton: (length X width X height)
  • Series of Carton Count: (X of X)

When Sending to Amazon FBA Warehouse

Beeontrade advises your supplier to affix the FBA labels to the cartons if you are sending your package to an Amazon FBA warehouse. However, your provider must mark the containers with the Amazon SKU if it is unable to label them (FNSKU).

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