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Update on Amazon Market as of January 26, 2018


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How do external factors impact delivery to Amazon FBA facilities?

Weather and port congestion are examples of external factors affecting Amazon FBA deliveries.

What's the impact of weather on deliveries to Atlanta fulfillment centers?

Atlanta fulfillment centers experience delays due to snow and bad weather, which may result in postponed delivery appointments.

What challenges do truckers face when delivering to ONT8 in LA?

Truckers delivering to ONT8 in LA encounter long wait durations, potential transportation wait fees, and limitations on early arrival imposed by Amazon.

Why are truckers avoiding delivery to FTW1 in Dallas?

Traffic jams in Houston and Dallas are causing truckers to avoid delivering to FTW1 in Dallas, leading to potential cost increases and postponed delivery appointments.

What are the requirements for palletization when shipping to Amazon FBA?

Amazon requires LTL shipments to be palletized, while FCL shipments may be floor loaded.

What is the transit time for Amazon shipments based on the delivery mode?

The transit time for Amazon shipments varies depending on the final delivery mode, whether it's air, LCL, or FCL.

What labeling requirements apply to shipments to Amazon?

Proper labeling of boxes is essential to ensure effective transportation when shipping to Amazon FBA facilities.

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