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5 Tips for Shipping to Amazon FBA Successfully


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How to Efficiently Send Goods to Amazon Fulfillment Facility

What is the first step in sending goods to an Amazon fulfillment facility?

The first step is to design a shipping strategy on Amazon Seller Central.

What should you do after designing a shipping strategy on Amazon Seller Central?

After designing the strategy, you should proceed to make a quote in Beeontrade.

How can you ensure your cargo is ready for shipping in a timely manner?

Make sure to create a quote in Beeontrade 7 to 10 days before the cargo-ready date.

What information should be included when making a quote in Beeontrade for Amazon shipments?

When making a quote in Beeontrade, include the designated Amazon fulfillment center as the destination, even if you're shipping FOB. Also, provide the supplier's address and contact details.

What are the labeling requirements for Amazon shipments?

Amazon shipments must have proper labels affixed. The cartons should be marked with the Amazon SKU. If your supplier cannot apply labels, you need to ensure the cartons are labeled.

What final step should be taken in the process of sending goods to Amazon via Beeontrade?

As soon as possible, finish the Beeontrade business verification.

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