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Advice for Shipping During the Peak Time


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Understanding Peak Season Shipping

What Businesses Should Know

As businesses prepare for the holidays, **capacity** for air freight and ocean freight becomes constrained, leading to rising prices. What triggers this peak season, and when does it occur?

The primary peak season generally runs from August to October, with a focus on the period leading up to Golden Week in the second half of the year. Increased import volumes and freight charges are common during this time.

Factors Affecting Shipping During Peak Season

 Why do prices become high and disruptions common during peak season?

During peak season, businesses gear up for holiday sales, leading to high, unstable prices, rolling freight, and shipping delays. What challenges can importers expect?

  • High, unstable prices
  • Rolling freight
  • Shipping delays
  • Other disruptions

Preparing for Peak Season

What do importers need to know about shipping during the busiest time of the year?

What are some key tips for importers to navigate the challenges of peak season successfully?

  • Plan in advance
  • Airfreight: Make reservations 6-7 days before CRD
  • Organize ocean FCL shipping 3-4 weeks before CRD
  • Be prepared to pay more fees
  • Be adaptable and flexible

Golden Week and Holiday Planning

Why is scheduling ocean shipments before Golden Week crucial?

What considerations should businesses keep in mind for scheduling shipments before Golden Week?

Ocean shipments must be scheduled before Golden Week (October 1-9), especially for East Coast deliveries, to ensure arrival in time for winter holidays.

Amazon Deliveries and Customs Affairs

What steps should be taken for shipping to Amazon during Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

How should businesses plan for Amazon deliveries during peak shopping days?

  • Plan Amazon deliveries for Black Friday and Cyber Monday well in advance
  • Organize and label FBA shipments before sailing
  • Get Customs affairs in order, including accurate HTS codes on the commercial invoice

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